Why kids can't Sit in chairs


Feeding children is really painstaking, every family with a baby will have a children's dining chair, the little one can be fixed here to eat.
However, parents may find that their children are excited at first, but as time goes on, they become restless. Why doesn't the baby want to sit in the dining chair?
Pu's baby is very naughty, every time feed pu will chase the child to run, eat is a guerrilla war, after the baby bought a dining chair, the child at the beginning is also very cooperate sitting in a chair obediently eat, but later began to dishonest.
Sometimes I get up uneasily before I finish my meal and stand on a chair. The dining chair was already high and it was very dangerous for the child to stand up. Pu scolded the baby severely every time, but after the criticism, the child became more violent and sat in the dining chair crying loudly.
Not to mention how difficult it was to eat, she was tired of trying to calm her children.

Why can't children sit in their dining chairs?

1) The food didn't fit

And there is a part of the reason is that the child itself does not love to eat, food is not the child's appetite, will naturally escape in the seat restless points up.
Parents for children's diet must be careful, the baby before one year old do not eat salt, after one year old also want to eat less, light delicious food is suitable for the baby's taste buds.
In the choice of food ingredients, parents must also pay attention to freshness, and they can use the way of stew to keep the taste of food ingredients. Some babies are still in the development stage of eating and digestion.
Parents can whip food into juices, cut it into small pieces and chop it into mud. Using cartoonish modeling tools to create food can also get your baby interested.

2) Long meals

Some parents fixed their children to the dining chair, not to take care of the baby, allowing children to eat while playing will only make the meal longer and longer.
Children eat not positive long-term development of this procrastination behavior habits, and finally will try to leave the dining chair, not to finish the meal.

Parents should give their children a controlled meal time, do not prolong the meal process, let alone develop the bad habit of letting children eat while playing. Parents should strictly supervise their children's table behavior habits and cultivate their children's table manners, starting from an early age.

3) Dining environment impact

When the child is eating, many parents will go to put some cartoons for the baby. The child is attracted by the cartoon, and the parents begin to feed it mouthful. This way is very detrimental to the growth of the baby.
Parents should let their children learn to eat on their own. When the child eats in the children's dining chair, parents should create a good dining environment, and do not let the curiosity of the surrounding novelty to attract the child past.
When the child is attracted to eat, or someone to amuse the child, then can not go to concentrate on eating, naturally want to jump out of the bondage of their own small bench, be sure to provide a quiet dining environment for the baby, after dinner to do other things.

4) The seat is uncomfortable

At present, many mothers will prepare child seats for their babies in order to standardize their children's diet and meal safety, but some seats are too far back, and children will not sit comfortably.
And if the buckle safety brings the child too tight will increase the child's sense of bondage, at the same time, the cushion of the dining chair hard children's small ass will be very uncomfortable, and the front of the dinner plate also reduces the child's activity space, uncomfortable experience, the child can not sit naturally.
It is very important to adjust the seat and choose a suitable dining chair for the baby. Only the right dining chair can be used to bid farewell to chasing and feeding
How does baby eat chair choose?
When it comes to raising foodie babies, it's important to pick the right chair. Choose three points of baby eat chair: safe and stable, material environmental protection is easy to clean, do not choose the eat chair of complex design.
1) Safe and stable
The most important thing about dining chair is safety, children are often very dishonest on dining chair, random activities will even take the chair to turn over together, very dangerous.
A good dining chair comes with a seat belt and is sturdy enough to hold a toddler in whatever way he or she misbehaves.
2) The material is environmentally friendly and easy to clean
The scene of baby eating is a big battlefield, with food debris and stains everywhere. Mothers are also devastated to clean up, and the dining chair cushions are easy to clean up.
Baby's plate design should also require environmental protection, food on the top will let the baby rest assured to eat, enjoy the delicious cooking mothers.
3) Don't choose complex design dining chairs
Many mothers are often attracted to novelty designs, such as fancy shapes and children's dining chairs with small televisions.
Children eat is to eat, do not let other things interfere with the child to eat, let the child develop a good eating habits, good norms, do not choose too many additional functions of the dining chair.
Children's dining chair designed for baby growth
For each mother recommend a suitable for 6 months ~4 years old children's children's dining chair, environmental protection safety and practical.