The maintenance method of the kids furniture


Direct sunlight shall be avoided(kids furniture). When high-temperature objects are placed on furniture, they must be padded with heat insulation pads to avoid affecting their service life. The desk should be placed in a place with sufficient light. If the desk is placed laterally, it should ensure that the light shines from the left. The furniture shall be as few as possible and placed against the wall to expand children's activity space.

For leather and cloth furniture, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight and sharp tool scratches. In case of oil stains, ball point pens, ink, etc., the stain shall be wiped gently with a clean white towel stained with a little alcohol or detergent, and then dried with a dry wet towel. The furniture fabric shall not be stained with colored water or acid-base solution. If it is occupied with water, it shall be immediately dried with a dry cloth. If it is stained with colored liquid or other harmful liquid, it shall be immediately dry cleaned or washed according to the requirements of the furniture label. It shall not be washed and bleached. If it is found that the thread is loose, it can not be torn off by hand, and it shall be neatly cut flat with scissors.

If the structure of wooden kids furniture is found to be loose before use, tighten the connecting fasteners. When cleaning the dust, use a soft cloth to remove the dust along the grain of the wood. The soft cloth should be stained with a little cleaning agent. Do not wipe it with a dry cloth to avoid scratching. It is also inappropriate to wash furniture with alkaline water or boiled water, or place high concentration alcohol, so as not to damage the surface of furniture.

Usually, it is not suitable to knock furniture with heavy objects, drag the surface, or cut things on the surface of furniture, or clean the surface by gravity. It is also inappropriate to repair furniture with pigments different from the original paint of furniture. Every other year, the furniture should be washed with Fan Li water to maintain bright color.