How to choose appropriate kids furniture(1)


Children's furniture can be purchased by free combination: it can be flexibly arranged according to the space of study and bedroom, environmental atmosphere and functional use needs, and skillfully combined into an ideal personalized space. In terms of color, most of them are lively, lively, natural and interchangeable with styles, giving children more free choices and cultivating their aesthetic taste.

Smell(kids furniture)
In addition to all solid wood furniture, most of the wood furniture sold on the market have wood-based panel parts. Therefore, you should smell the smell when shopping. If people shed tears and sneeze, it indicates that the formaldehyde emission of furniture is relatively high, which may have problems. Don't buy it.

Look at the report(kids furniture)
Consumers ask dealers for quality inspection reports to see if the formaldehyde emission of furniture is within the allowable range of the standard. The national standard limit of harmful substances in wood furniture of interior decoration materials stipulates that the formaldehyde emission in wood furniture shall not be greater than 1.5 mg per liter. If the formaldehyde of purchased wood furniture exceeds the standard, do not buy it. It is recommended to buy furniture made of E1 standard plates. Only plates that meet E1 standard can be truly harmless to human body.

Choose furniture with less amount of adhesive. The environmental protection level of furniture materials from low to high is MDF, particleboard, large core board, plywood, laminated wood, laminated wood and solid wood.
Avoid furniture with too bright colors, because most bright paints contain heavy metals such as lead. Some tests show that among the 23 samples of lead paint, orange paint has the highest lead content, and the rest are yellow, green, brown, etc. At 1 meter from the ground, the lead concentration in the air is 16 times that at 1.5 meters, and the height of children is just in this range .

Ask price of the kids furniture
Most of the wood furniture with excessive formaldehyde use cheap artificial boards, so the price of the whole set of wood furniture is often "ultra-low". Because cheap man-made boards use a lot of inferior glue, the formaldehyde emission seriously exceeds the standard.