When do parents teach their Kids Balance Bike? How much practice is better?


More than two years old children, will particularly like those who can push, can roll, with wheels of toys, parents let children learn to ride a balance car, is a good exercise project, for the child does not love exercise can also improve the interest in sports, promote the development of leg muscles and body coordination.
For a baby who doesn't want to ride a balance bike, parents can try to keep the seat as low as possible and choose a bike that can adjust the height or match the baby's height. The baby's feet can reach the ground, so it will feel safer. Let the baby have a process of adapting to be willing to try. As a parent, encourage your child and give him or her confidence when he or she starts cycling.
Steps to teach your baby how to learn a bicycle:
1, when the baby can alternately "walk" with both feet, and can use pedals, you can teach the baby to learn to ride a bicycle.
2, teach the baby to learn bicycle, there should be a person in the next guidance, father or mother can use hand in the middle of the hand, so as to avoid the baby's hand involuntary activities will change the direction, but also a little hard to guide the baby to learn to pedal forward. Be sure to teach the baby to push his feet forward. I remember seeing a child practice before, because it is just beginning to practice, he sat on the car, will follow the inertia of the wheel axle pedal back, because it does not need to foot force, will be more relaxed. If he is like this, tell him that the car cannot move forward and must push hard forward.
3, when the baby learn to pedal, parents can observe on the side, as little as possible to support, let the baby learn to move forward and around the direction of rotation, the baby skilled, will step into the feet at the same time, with both hands to adjust the direction, the body can rely on balance and tilt around, learn to ride. Some babies are quick to ride a bike as soon as they sit, which has to do with their individual coordination.
4, the baby practiced for one or two weeks, after learning to ride three bikes, he can practice difficult skills: ride straight, turn, encounter obstacles will park and so on, better exercise the baby driving balance and limb coordination ability.
If the baby is very afraid at first, it is suggested to cooperate with training wheels, so that there is a balance, the baby may accept higher. Don't pick a bike that's a size too big or doesn't match your baby's height or athletic ability. For a timid child who doesn't want to try, this will only make it harder for him to accept. Of course, as your baby gets older, he gets bolder and easier to learn.
Before your baby learns to ride a bike, you can practice balancing the bike first. A good sense of balance will lay a good foundation for the next step. Balance the height of the car should be chosen to sit on the baby feet can touch the ground as appropriate. Riding a balance bike improves coordination and balance, as well as the muscles of your body, rather than pressing the pedal with your sole foot.
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