The purchase standard of the kids bike(1)


Kids bike products are products related to children's safety. Now relevant departments in China have promulgated the standard of national technical code for toy safety, and launched compulsory product certification of toy products, so as to protect children's life and health and safeguard the interests of consumers as much as possible. The concept of toy safety is to prevent children from being hurt by some defects of toys under normal use or foreseeable reasonable abuse. These defects may come from design, manufacturing process or manufacturing materials.

(kids bike)Check the key components and safety related kids bike products according to relevant specifications, including children's bicycles, children's tricycles, children's carts, baby strollers, toy bicycles, electric strollers and other toy vehicles. Some of these vehicles are mainly pushed and supported by adults, such as baby strollers. Some are mainly operated by children themselves, such as children's bicycles, tricycles, etc. These vehicles not only have some small parts, but also functional parts such as folding armrest and conveyor belt. Once these parts have quality problems or faults, they will not only affect the use of the vehicle, but also pose a serious threat to the personal safety of children. Therefore, when purchasing stroller toys, consumers should pay special attention to the inspection of the following key parts.

Folding mechanism of the kids bike
According to relevant standards, toy carts, toy four wheeled strollers, toy bassinets and similar toys with handles or other folding mechanism components shall have at least one main locking device and one auxiliary locking device if the handles or other structural components may be folded and pressed on children, and the two devices shall act directly on the folding mechanism; When the toy car is installed, at least one of the locking devices shall be able to lock automatically. When buying, consumers should not only check whether there are enough devices, but also carefully check their quality. Once there was an accident that the handrail of the children's cart failed and the children's hands were pinched.(China kids bike)