How to choose appropriate kids furniture(2)


Sign a contract(kids furniture)
When customers buy furniture, they'd better sign the furniture sales contract and write the environmental protection terms into the contract.
When buying children's furniture, first carefully check whether the furniture test report is a simple plate test or includes paint test. When signing the sales contract, write down the environmental protection guarantee clearly. If the merchant refuses to sign the guarantee, it's best not to buy.
Secondly, it is best to choose furniture with less amount of adhesive, and its formaldehyde content is relatively low. The environmental protection level from low to high is: medium density board, particleboard, large core board, plywood, laminated wood, laminated wood and solid wood.
Third, don't believe the saying of "zero formaldehyde". No matter what furniture is made, it can't be "zero formaldehyde". Therefore, do not think that you have bought zero formaldehyde furniture, but feel that everything is fine, ignoring air quality testing and other problems. Health always comes first.

Draw a bill(kids furniture)
Under the temptation of low prices from dealers, many consumers take white slips and receipts and leave. When they complain about quality problems, such informal invoices are often difficult to be used as effective evidence. Therefore, when buying furniture, the dealers must issue formal invoices.

Take children's advice(kids furniture)
The children's room is installed for children's own use. Don't think that children don't understand anything when they are young. Therefore, we must communicate more with children and listen to their ideas and opinions, so that the matched house will be liked by children and is the most suitable for them. Finally, there are many children's furniture on the market, with a dazzling range of styles and materials. I don't know how to start. Before you decide to buy children's furniture, you must see more and compare more materials so that you won't be deceived. The words of the shopping guide can only be used as a reference. Anything should have practical data as a basis and reference. Only in this way can we buy safe and appropriate children's furniture and give children a free and healthy growth environment.